The set of side and coffee tables “Close Up” represents the will of getting closer and looking into Italian beautiful town, into their essence.
This project wants to review with new and modern eyes a series small tables of the Fifties, when the great designer Aldo Tura used to collaborate with important artists like Alessandro Mendini, Fornasetti and others, creating beautiful and ironic pieces of furniture.
Extroverso loves the style of those times and the extraordinary pieces that brought Italian design to be acknowledged all over the world. And loves Italy, with its unique landscapes and town, to be rediscovered too in all their beauty. And the careful eye, sensitive taste and precise hand of Anna Sutor describe perfectly this sense and beauty between architecture and oniric vision.

Venice, but also Florence, Rome, Milano come to a new level of expression, in this limited edition signed personally by the artist. The plain surface becomes like a window open on the fantastic urban landscape, with its antique monuments and takes us into that unique atmosphere of each town.
The drawing is pure line, simplifying and recreating spaces, feelings. A view of Venice that can be enjoyed every day by everyone.