“Happy & Grumpy” is a series of “emotional” stools and low tables. Slots on the side resemble a “Happy Smile” for low tables and a “Grumpy Face” for stools. The stools slots also function as a magazine rack.
Happiness, joy, positive attitude, express in this project by Sakura Adachi. A simple cut and design, immediately communicating an emotion and its complexity.
Not only a design product, but a versatile small table looking at us and asking “How do you feel today?”
Grumpy represents the opposite feeling, “The dark side of the mood”. It completes and balances Happy being a useful stool and magazine/books holder.Created together, to coexist and be each other’s mirror, Happy and Grumpy are emotional pieces of pure design. They remind us of the ups and downs life throws at us, but to focus on finding positivity and fun in the day-to-day.
They are customizable with various materials and colors in 2 versions. The wooden cylinder with a precious parchment top becomes an eye catching object in a sophisticated and refined environment. In contrast, the wooden cylinder with colored top and slots gives more friendly impression and attracts everyone’s attention.